GIRLS! GIRLS! GIRLS! is a project by the The Little Black Gallery, curated by co-founder Ghislain Pascal, to celebrate the female form.

There have been three auctions to date and several exhibitions.

The first GIRLS! GIRLS! GIRLS! book, edited by Ghislain Pascal & published by MENDO and teNeues, is out now with all royalties to the Lady Garden Foundation – buy your copy.

Visit our new GIRLS! GIRLS! GIRLS! at

The family of photographers past and present include:

Miles Aldridge
Guido Argentini
Anouska Beckwith
Paul Bellaart
Kate Bellm
Bruno Bisang
Bob Carlos Clarke
Scarlett Carlos Clarke
Shae DeTar
Koray Erkaya
Mike Figgis
Formento + Formento
Francis Giacobetti
Marco Glaviano
Sacha Goldberger
Sam Haskins
Hunter & Gatti
David Jay
Douglas Kirkland
Patrick Lichfield
Steven Lyon
Christian L Machris
Tony McGee
Gerard Musy
Terry O’Neill
Wingate Paine
Norman Parkinson
Christy Lee Rogers
Marianna Rothen
Nicolas Senegas
Quentin Shih
Kishin Shinoyama
Adam Shulman
Vee Speers
John Swannell
Alistair Taylor-Young
Mauricio Velez
Mariano Vivanco
Nadia Wicker

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