Girls! Girls! Girls!

GIRLS! GIRLS! GIRLS! is an ongoing partnership between Paddle8, the leading online auction house, and The Little Black Gallery, curated by co-founder Ghislain Pascal

There have been three auctions to date

The first Girls! Girls! Girls! book will be published by Mendo and teNeues in April 2020

The family of photographers past and present include:

Miles Aldridge
Guido Argentini
Anouska Beckwith
Paul Bellaart
Kate Bellm
Bruno Bisang
Bob Carlos Clarke
Scarlett Carlos Clarke
Shae DeTar
Mike Figgis
Formento + Formento
Francis Giacobetti
Marco Glaviano
Sacha Goldberger
Sam Haskins
Hunter & Gatti
David Jay
Douglas Kirkland
Patrick Lichfield
Steven Lyon
Christian L Machris
Tony McGee
Gerard Musy
Terry O’Neill
Wingate Paine
Norman Parkinson
Christy Lee Rogers
Marianna Rothen
Nicolas Senegas
Quentin Shih
Kishin Shinoyama
Adam Shulman
Vee Speers
John Swannell
Alistair Taylor-Young
Mariano Vivanco
Nadia Wicker

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