Tyler Udall Pop Up in Shoreditch

19-22 October @ 4 Garden Walk, London EC2A 3EQ

1001 Photographs You Must See Before You Die

The Garden Hose by Anja Niemi selected for new book published by Cassell (2017)

Auction record for Anja Niemi

$7,000 auction record for Anja Niemi with Room 81 (bed) on Paddle8 (January 2017)

Anja Niemi – cover of L’ADN France

Girls! Girls! Girls! – Square Mile Magazine

Bob Carlos Clarke in The Telegraph

Bob Carlos Clarke – cover of F22

Anja Niemi in Sunday Times Magazine

Anja Niemi – cover of Monthly Photography South Korea

Girls! Girls! Girls! – GQ

Anja Niemi in Sunday Times Magazine

Hiroyuki Arakawa in Sloane Square Magazine

Martin Usborne in Lux Netherlands

Tyler Udall – Sunday Times

Tyler Udall in Black & White Magazine

Vee Speers in Sunday Times Magazine

Patrick Lichfield – Evening Standard

Patrick Lichfield – Sunday Times

Bob Carlos Clarke – cover of British Journal of Photography

Marco Glaviano in Esquire

Bob Carlos Clarke on cover of Photo Pro Magazine

Yul Brynner in Sunday Express

Chris Levine – cover of Sunday Times Magazine

Bob Carlos Clarke – cover of Photo Pro

Bob Carlos Clarke in Sunday Times Magazine

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